Jenny Woo: “The problem is that there is a double standard in this scene”

Photos by Daniel Galindo and Internet In 2016 the Canadian oi! singer and musician Jenny Woo visited Mexico and moths ago of her Mexican tour i did this interview. The interview was published in Spanish for the web site EL Alebrije, link of that post: -How was your begins in the skinhead culture? "I first... Leer más →

Cockney Rejects: “We wrote a song which went on to inspire a whole generation of bands”

The last year i did a interview with Cockney Rejects, i published it in Spanish for a web page named El Alebrije. Link of the interview: -The frontman of the band he's the responsible of the name ¨Oi!¨ for this kind of music. It's a privilege for him these story? "'Oi!' is a Cockney greeting and Jeff used to say it to the audiences in the earliest days of the band. Later on, we wrote a song around it, called 'Oi! Oi! Oi!' which went on to inspire a whole generation of bands." - In... Leer más →

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