Zex: Don’t be a fool and get caught up in nationalistic fever and xenophobic behavior

The last year i did this interview with the Canadian punk band Zex, the text was published in Spanish for the web site El Alebrije (link of the original post: https://elalebrije.net/2017/07/03/zex-no-te-dejes-atrapar-por-la-fiebre-nacionalista-y-la-xenofobia/). -What’s the story of Zex? Zex formed in November 2013 with Gab Hole on bass, Tasha Gobeil on drums (later to be replaced by Vassil Mester, RIP... Leer más →

Jenny Woo: “The problem is that there is a double standard in this scene”

Photos by Daniel Galindo and Internet In 2016 the Canadian oi! singer and musician Jenny Woo visited Mexico and moths ago of her Mexican tour i did this interview. The interview was published in Spanish for the web site EL Alebrije, link of that post: https://elalebrije.net/2016/09/15/jenny-woo-el-problema-es-que-hay-una-doble-moral-en-la-escena-skinhead/ -How was your begins in the skinhead culture? "I first... Leer más →

Cockney Rejects: “We wrote a song which went on to inspire a whole generation of bands”

The last year i did a interview with Cockney Rejects, i published it in Spanish for a web page named El Alebrije. Link of the interview: https://elalebrije.net/2017/12/02/cockney-rejects-escribimos-una-cancion-que-inspiro-a-toda-una-generacion/ -The frontman of the band he's the responsible of the name ¨Oi!¨ for this kind of music. It's a privilege for him these story? "'Oi!' is a Cockney greeting and Jeff used to say it to the audiences in the earliest days of the band. Later on, we wrote a song around it, called 'Oi! Oi! Oi!' which went on to inspire a whole generation of bands." - In... Leer más →

Interview with Wattie Buchan: “To be honest, if it wasn’t for The Exploited punk would not still be here”

In 2016 i did this interview via Facebook with Wattie Buchan from The Exploited, that interview was published in Spanish for the Mexican web page El Alebrije. Link: https://elalebrije.net/2016/09/28/wattie-buchan-para-ser-honesto-si-no-fuera-por-the-exploited-el-punk-no-seguiria/ Here's the english and original version, ¡enjoy it!. -The band are play since 1980, 36 years of punk… Has been easy for The Exploited? “It was very... Leer más →

Interview: ¡Here’s The Toy Dolls!

The Toy Dolls is one of the most funnest punk bands, i sent them a few questions and Olga answered my interview. -Why The band do funny punk? "We don't actually call it funny Punk, we are very serious about life, we just believe in an element of escapism in life is healthy for you,... Leer más →

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