Antonella’s Klasse Kriminale: “I was the only skinhead girl in my town”

antonellasAlways i wondered what happened with Antonella from Klasse Kriminale?, any years ago i found information about her and and months ago i’d contact her on social networks. This time, i bring to my readers an short interview that i did with Antonella. ¡Enjoy it!

– Antonella, how did you begin on skinhead subculture? 

I became a skinhead back in 1985,i was born in Savona Italy, a beautiful town by the sea.

– Which were your first influences? 

Probably all the old bands like Cock Sparrer,4skins,Combat 84 etc.

– Talk me about the Italian 80’s skinhead girls. 

The skinhead scene in Italy in the 80 was pretty much dead. I was the only skinhead girl in my town! People didn’t really like us and we didn’t get an easy life back then.


– What’s meaning for you Klasse Kriminale? 

I formed the original KK back in 1985 and wrote all the material till 91.The band started really good then things took a different turn ,at that point i left Italy and moved to England and had no further contact with KK.

– What’s your best memories of that times? 

I meet some really good people and played some great gigs.

– Why you recorded any years ago new music but in a single project? 

I recorded quite a few cd’s ,i reformed K.K but under the name Antonella s Klasse Kriminale as i didn’t want anything to do with the others. A few albums “Phoenix”,”Industractible”,”If only “etc.

– When i listened your project I remembered The GoGo’s and Joan Jett. These was your intentions? 

Yes i suppose so i love Blondie too.


– Now your live in the UK and are tattoo artist. Talk me about your tattoo work. 

I always loved tattoos and the tattoo world and my dream was always to became a tattoo artist! A few years ago with my husband Paul which used to be a graffiti artist,we decided to make our dream came true and we opened  Kult KLassic Tattoo studio.

– Have you future plans on the music?

Music is my passion and i will never stop writing songs ,we do have a few projects for the future.

– Would you like visit Mexico someday? 

I love Mexico and the Mexican culture ,i am a devotee of Santa Muerte and we would love to visit one day.
Thank you so much for the interview take care
Much love Antonella xx


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