Criminal State:”Punks should unite!”

108929365_134205451665877_1797658696067060820_nPhotos courtesy by Criminal State and Facebook Fan Page of band
This time i did an interview with a Russian band named Criminal State. I had a talking these guys about his story, influences, unite and their compatriots Pussy Riot.
– What’s the story of Criminal State?
“Originally the band was formed in 2008 but split up after several rehearsals and recording a 3 song demo. Then in 2010 the new line up gathered with the singer being the only original member. The first show we played was on April 2 2010 and this date is considered to be the beginning of the band’s history. So by now we’ve recorded 4 albums and a split with the City Rats from Israel. We’ve played more than 100 shows in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Israel and across Europe.”
– Which are your influences?
“Our main influences are UK82, Oi!, and the early 80s punk in general.”
– The band support the union of punks & skins. Why is important for you?
“We don’t see much difference between punx and skinheads. For us it is all the same – one culture, one music, one scene.”
When i listen your songs remins me 80’s soviet punk. Talk me a bit of the punk in Russia (past and present).
“We can divide Russian punk into 3 periods, I think:
1) Punk from USSR which sounded differently from the later post-soviet music (I can’t really get how our songs can remind you of that). Examples: JMKE from Estonia; Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Flirt, Yanka from Siberia; AU from St-Petersburg, Chudo-Yudo from Moscow.
2) 90s and early 2000s punk and especially so-called Moscow-punk-hardcore which became specific sub-genre with its own sound.
Examples: Orgazm nostradamusa (not from Moscow) ; Purgen, Mausoleum, Pornoavtomats from Moscow.
3) Everything that was after 2005 – a big variety of punk bands of different sub-genres united together into the antifascist scene. If we speak about the “mohawk punk” part of it – the examples may be: Mutagen, Diagens, Tanzilit, One way street, 4scums etc.”
– When we talk about Russian punk we thinking of Pussy Riot. What’s your opinion of those girls?
“We aren’t really interested in their music, and we don’t think anything of them. They aren’t a part of our subculture.”
– What’s the panoram of Russian punk today?
“Rather developed but a bit fragmented punk scene. The main action is in the 2 big cities – Moscow and St-Petersburg. In smaller cities the things aren’t that good but there are some places (like Kirov, Nizhniy-Novgorod, Petrozavodsk) with its own solid scene and a variety of nice bands.”
– What’s you search transmition with your music?
“The same as the most of other bands do – a scream about this fucked up reality that we face and how to live in it. Basically the songs are for kids who are already aware of all this and has the same opinion. Punx for punx!”
– Which are your future plans?
“Play shows, write nice music, develop ourselves, never settle down.”
– Would do you like visit someday Mexico?
” Yes of course, why not. The more countries we visit the more friends we have. Punks should unite!”
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