Chron Gen:”We try to write lyrics that have meaning”

A-316237-1556825224-3932The last year (i think) i did an interview with Chron Gen (i don’t remember good if bassist or drummer answered me) but a few days Glynn Barber (frontman) send me a email with the answers of that interview because he was check Chron Gen’s mail. Anyway, i publish it again but  Glynn’s vision. ¡Enjoy it!

– You have a short and successful career in the 80’s. What’s the meaning for you?
We were fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the Apocalypse tour in 1981 at the same time as our Puppets of War EP was released. It was a great time that I wish had lasted longer. We were very Young, and took some bad decisions which led to issues with the band Management and Money. At the same time the Punk scene in the UK was in decline.


– How borned the idea for do the cover song “Jet boy jet girl”?
When the Damned Split in the late 70’s, Captain Sensible formed a band called King and they recorded a cover of Jet Boy Jet Girl on a John Peel radio Session. We loved the Damned and Sensible’s versión of the song so we covered it ourselves and started playing it at gigs. It bécame a crowd favourite and a permanent feature of our set.

– Your perspective about punk around the years. How changed?
In the UK, the audience is getting older. There is a growing link with the metal scene – some of the older UK bands have moved their sound in that direction. Some newer bands (like Maid of Ace) do it well and they are fresh and exciting, but there are a lot of bands that just follow a formula and as a result, many just sound alike.


-Are you considered UK82 icons?
It would seem so because we were on the Apocalypse tour with Discharge, Anti Pasti, Exploited. We were always different to these bands.

– In The 80’s the british punks lived very fast?
I guess so, but I don’t see much difference with today.

– The Chron Gen lyrics describes the reality of your life?
We try to write lyrics that have meaning and that people can relate to their own experiences. Some of the early lyrics were not totally serious and in some cases, deliberately provocative as was the way around 1977 – 1980


-The song “Outlaw” have a story behind?
I went to an Iron Maiden concert in 1982 and I felt very unwelcome by some of the crowd (bikers and heavy rockers). I never understood why it was like that – you can still like the music even if you don’t dress the same way as most of the fans. I wrote the song when I got back to a friend’s flat later that night.

– In 2013 some band members back for the Rebellion Festival. How was that experience?
Rebellion is always a great experience – we are playing there for the very last time in 2021.


– Would you like visit Mexico?
We would love to visit Mexico, but sadly Will not get the chance now that the band is coming to an end.

– What’s for the Chron Gen’s future?
Chron Gen announced in January that the band has ended. We have agreed a farewell show at Rebellion in August 2021.


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