Los Fastidios: “We still have got many people to reach with our music”

92577812_213671156631054_8092716162401435648_nPhotos courtesy by Los Fastidios

This time, Los Fastidios from Italy has talk with La Última Rabia about music, football, Mexico and their career

– I think Los Fastidios are in his best moment?

“It’s a good moment for the band, our last album Joy Joy Joy was reviewed in many magazines like the best Los Fastidios album of ever, so happy and proud about it because it means and shows we still have something to say in the music scene, also after 29 years of life. We are playing more than 100 gigs every year in all of Europe and also Latin America….
I think this excellent moment is the result of a good work we have done in the last 8/9 years.”


– Since ’91 to 2020 how evolutionated the band?

“The band born in 1991 in Verona, we never could imagine on that time to arrive here, 29 later on the road again…. The band was born for fun…year by year the band grew in the independent music street scene, thanx to hundreds of shows played everywhere…
During the years many changes of line up, unfortunately in our music world it is not easy to survive. You cannot live playing punk rock or ska. So many times the musicians, for work or family problems, they must sacrify themselves leaving the band. Every change of line up is on the beginning a really bad moment for me, it looks everytime to be arrived at the end of the way, seeing everything dark…but after the first bad moment, everytime the enthusiasm of the new members arrived in the band, gave to me and to the rest of the band new energy and positivity. This is why I can say that every change of line up has been always a new growing up of the band.
During the years the band tryied and wanted to keep the same attitude of the beginning. A fun attitude but always with the social and ethical values that have always characterised the band, like the fight against racism, against fascism, for the respect of human and animal rights and always on the side of the people fighting for freedom and dignity against the oppression and the repression. Maybe in the last years we look a little bit less aggressive in our lyrics…but if you check them, you can read the same messages of ever, expressed now in a more positive way….today we think that also a smile can be an excellent weapon and a better way to face the difficulties of life.”


– How born the idea of recorded the EP’S Elisa Dixan sings Los Fastidios?

“Elisa is a really important figure/person in the Los Fastidios band since around 10 years: she is my girlfriend, co-owner of Kob Records, our tourmanager, merchandiser, photographer, videomaker…. one of my dreams was to see her sing a Los Fastidios song one day and more since long time a lot of our friends/fans were asking about when they would have seen Elisa on stage to sing with us….said than done…. Elisa recorded a 7” “Elisa Dixan sings Los Fastidios” with 2 old songs re-recorded with her voice and in the last album “A message pour toi” and backing vocal in other songs… Los Fastidios fans really enjoyed and loved it. The first ep was a really good success…. So we have decided to continue on this way releasing a second volume of Elisa Dixan Sings Los Fastidios and also this new Ep is going great…. I’m Really proud of Elisa and really in love with her… Today she is regular guest on stage with us for 2 live songs…and all the people love it, all the Los Fastidios fans love her, her voice, her smile !!!”


– Talk me about the album JOY JOY JOY.

“I’m so proud about the new album, I think Joy Joy Joy is the perfect continuation of the previous The Sound of Revolution. 13 songs including 2 cover songs (“Ellos dicen mierda” of the great Euskadi band La Polla Records and “Joy Joy Joy” a popular english song that was already covered in the 80’s by the english band The Housemartins). In the album there is also an old 2001 Los Fastidios song “Guarda Avanti” recorded last year in a new funny 2.0 version. The new album is the classic Los Fastidios sound, a mix of different kinds of street music we like: streetpunk, ska, rocksteady, reggae, oi!, punk rock and a touch of pop and combat rock…we payed a lot of attention to all the arrangements and it’s great to see all the Los Fastidios fans enjoyed the new album, we have received in the last year a really good and positive reaction from them !!!! Easy listening sound, with a positive lyrics attitude, energy and fun… I feel Joy Joy Joy the classic Los Fastidios album, years pass quick, but the spirit still grows, year after year…nothing changes, it is passion, more than passion, it’s like a fire inside you that never stops, a fire taking the fuel from the energy and the enthusiasm of the people following the band everywhere with a great passion…and it’s thanx to all of them if today I continue to have the same energy and attitude of years ago. Our people were waiting for the new album and we did our best to give to them the best we can.


We have some good friends/featuring in this album, I’m so happy and proud about it… I would have liked to have even more of them, we have a lot of friends musician all over the world.
In Joy Joy Joy album, four italian guests and two international guests. First of all I share a really nice 2tone style ska song “A message pour toi” together with Elisa, really good fun.
Besides our regular dear guest De Veggent (ex RedSka) who played his keyboards in three songs “I have a dream”, “Rude Firm”, “You” (he was also in our two previous albums), another great musician, Giotanni (from Ashpipe band) played his great violin in the song “Marichiweu) of the album (a song dedicated to the Mapuche people).
The Skassapunka friends were backing vocals in a lot of songs of the album. We invited another italian friend, the rapper Dj Koma Aka Mauràs, who rap a part of the song “Il suono della strada” dedicated to the music of the street.
About our international guests, first of all we share the song “Shoenen Cafè” together with our german punkrocker friends Elf and Dirk of Slime, one of the most important bands of the german punk scene. It was the first Los Fastidios song of ever in german language, a really nice punkrock song dedicated to the bad politicians only able to talk and not to solve the problems of our planet.
More, we have in the album another special international guest…sometimes the dreams come true…my favorite singer of ever, the singer of one of the bands who meant a lot to me, he sang a part in the song “I have a dream”…I’m talking about Paul Heaton, singer of the legendary The Housemartins and The Beautiful South and now singing in a solo project together with Jacqui Abbott (The Beautiful South)…this is the icing on the cake….Paul sings with me in this ska/pop song talking about my/our dreams for a world with more justice, respect and peace for everyone.
I’m a dreamer and this album means more than a dream to me.”


– In that album is incluid a song of La Polla Records, why did you a cover of a Spanish band?

“I really love the Basque Country people, since ever I see them as a really big community, family, a great attitude in the social life, in the music and in the culture… At the same time I love the bands from there, La Polla is one of them…. We loved the song “Ellos dicen mierda”, also during our last tour in Latino America, everywhere the people were singing this song in the after party shows… We decided to cover the song and for us it’s also a kind of welcome back to La Polla band back on the road again since last year with a new album. For us it is nice to spread out the name of this band not really known in the rest of Europe, a great band who really deserve to be known everywhere. I think it was the perfect song to open our last album… the album starts with a sad song, a protest song against the hard live reality, a sad beginning and then, song after song, for growing in positivity, with hope that our dreams of freedom, of respect, of justice they will come true.”


– Tell me about your relationship with Football.

“Los Fastidios is a band really involved in the football. We support and we have good connections with a lot of antiracist terraces everywhere in the world. Many times in Europe we have played for some “football firms”. We have also played in some really important antiracist football tournements. I support a little team in my hometown Verona, the third team of the town, Virtus Vecomp Verona, a little football team playing in the 3th division. The team is really involved also in the social causes, its President and Trainer are the same person (one person) since 38 years. His name is Gigi Fresco. He is hosting today around 200 refugees….Virtus Verona is not only football….a little team, with a great internationalist heart. We have 3 songs written for this team: “Reds in the Blue” (the team colours) and “El Presidente” dedicated to our President/Trainer and “Rude Firm” in the last album dedicated to its supporters. In every concert of Los Fastidios you can see the Virtus Verona scarf hung from the drums.


Still on the football theme, in Germany our song “Antifa Hooligans” is broadcast on the speakers of the Millerntor stadium in St Pauli between the first and second half of each home game of St Pauli FC (Bundesliga 2). A great emotion, listening all the people on the terraces singing one of our songs. We have had, more times, the opportunity to go there and hear it live in the St Pauli stadium…. wonderful emotion. With the San Pauli supporters we have a strong bond of friendship and mutual respect, we have played music / sporting events of the club and supporters in St Pauli on several occasions, both in the venue inside the Stadium, the legendary “Fanraume”, both on some official events of the supporters.
Still on Antifa Hooligans song it’s nice to see how this song is deeply felt by anti-racist football fans from all over the world. When we wrote the song more than 15 years ago we would never have thought of such a big response.

92573034_241854710532646_2723303612657696768_nWe have also other football songs like “Hooligirl” and “Football is coming” in the album “All’arrembaggio” (2009) this last song won the 2013 Mondiali Antirazzisti award (an important antiracist football tournement in Italy).
We have always been very close to the world of football, we have always seen the terraces/tribunes as a space for aggregation and real participation from below, linked to our musical world. We have always supported many antiracist football supporters firms everywhere in Europe and in the world, playing in many official events of ultras groups, with whom we maintain over time a beautiful relationship of friendship and respect, from Marseille to Wrexham, from St Pauli to Glasgow (Celtic FC), from Freiburg (D) to Manchester (FC United), from Jena (D) to Fasano (I), from Potsdam (Babelsberg) to Mainz, from Duisburg (D) to Augsburg (D) and many others. We carry all of them in our hearts.”


– The band touring around the world, is a enriching experience?

“We feel really lucky, we can tour the world with our music, bring it everywhere… Hundreds of concerts, thousands of people we meet, an amazing experience…
Every night a different town, different people, but identical at the same time….everywhere we go we meet wonderful people, people with our same passions, values, attitude. People like us, with the same stories, the same problems, the same desire to have fun, the same dream of a better world with more justice, more peace, more equality.
I love to talk together with the people before and after the concerts….every time, in every concert I learn something more, a really enriching experience.


I really think Los Fastidios is a live band, we play a lot of shows and we are so happy and proud because the tour during the last years is running very well, everywhere we play a lot of people full of enthusiasm… It’s great to see how our people really love to come to our shows. Many times happens that our fans follow the band for more shows, also for more days…Our fans/friends are so great, they are my energy, they are my Family… the song “You”, in the last album, talks about the great feeling I have with my people, in every country, in every place we play.
We can count on a lot of old fans, supporting the band everywhere we play, in all over the world, but at the same time we are also really happy because in the last and running tour, a lot of new people are coming to the shows and it sounds great. Something special is happening, a lot of people watching and enjoying Los Fastidios for their first time….it means we still have got many people to reach with our music and the best way to reach everyone it’s to play more we can. And we will do it !!!”


– Los Fastidios visited Mexico in 2018, how was this Mexican tour?

“Our first time in Mexico was amazing, one of the best experiences of our life. It was since long time we dreamed to come there, we knew there were a lot of mexican friends waiting for us but we could’t figure to receive a so wonderful welcome… 3 amazing gigs in Mexico City, Tultitlan and San Luis Potosi.
We spent there really great time, everything was organised in a really professional and serious way, we had also time to visite Mexico City and the ‎Teotihuacan Piramids, great experience… we wanna thanx again all the friends who organised our tour there, so lovely and kind people who followed us for all the tour.
We have received so good vibrations from Mexico that we decided to give a touch of Mexico to our album, asking to our friend Mai, from Moloko in Mexico City, if she could to draw the Joy Joy Joy album cover and she did a really brilliant job !!!!
Since october 2018 we have Mexico tattooed in our heart and we really hope come back there really soon.”


– Wich are your next plans?

“First of all we really hope to get out soon from this Codvid19 nightmare lockdown and come back on the road again… we are taking advantage from this time locked at home to write new songs. Looking forward to be out from this tunnel, stronger than ever, ready for bringing our music everywhere in the world… Next year is an important step for the band, 30 years on the road and we would like to celebrate it with a big world tour, with also some dates in Mexico !!!! Stay rude, stay rebel, think positive: Los Fastidios are coming back !!!! Thanx a lot for this interview and a big Cheers to all our mexican friends !!!!”


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