Dope Times: “We tried to keep people positive”

74835635_148587029851360_8811523010046459904_nIf you like Rancid and California ska punk bands, Dope Times is perfect for you. From Brazil, this band talked about his music.
– What’s the story of Dope Times?
“DOPE TIMES is braziliam ska punk band formed in September 2018. After the end of MARGINAL ATTACK (street punk band), Rafael Jales and Paulinho Greg decided to keep going playing together and invited Maniac Biffs from SPITFIRE DEMONS (psychobilly band), bass player recognized for your abilities to play acoustic bass in psychobilly bands to join them. After few months playing in 3 people they missed another guitar in the band. So Rafael invited a good friend of him from long time ago Fabio Gomes. They splitted in the past some gigs when Fabio was in KETAMINA (irish punk band). He brought few changes in the band, putting on some new vocals and melodic guitars as he has a lot of influences from American bands like Street Dogs etc. On September 27, the first single, “WASTED WAYS” was released followed by a video clip:

2 more singles was release few months later: “I DO REMEMBER” and “ONE BY ONE”. On 17/01/2020 was release the full album in digipack “LIFE IS A MESS”, also on all streaming platforms.


On 13/03/2020 was release the second video clip, this time for: DOPE TIMES, directed by: Rafael Jales:

“LIFE IS A MESS” is available now in VINYL by Mad Drunken Monkey Records, Ring Of Fire Records, KANNENTIME Records and PUNKROCKERS-RADIO-DE. All labels are from Germany and is available to buy on this link:

All songs were released by Craic Dealer Records.

Rafael Jales – Vocals / Guitar
Fabio Gomes – Vocals / Guitar
Maniac Biffs – Backing Vocals / Bass
Paulinho Greg – Drums

83241274_184841222892607_7509922347676073984_n– Is Rancid your principal influence?

“Rancid definitely is one of our big influences, but some people link automatically ska punk with Rancid as a rule and for us is beyond than that. We love bands from California as a big influence as we love oi! and street punk bands from Europe. I guess DT is a Mix of everything, even psychobilly as Maniac Biffs is a big lover of the style.”
– Your songs talks about his life?
“Our lyrics talk about feelings, way of life, fun, sadness, hangover etc. But most of them, we tried to keep people positive and make better. I believe through music you can change people’s life. Sometimes is just you want to listen to realize you are not alone. Someone wrote exactly what are you feeling”
– I was listen your songs and sometimes i perception a psychobilly elements.
“Definitely, especially because Maniac Biffs is a psychobilly guy and had been in this scene for a long time.”
– What’s your discography?
“3 Singles: “Wasted Ways”, “I do Remember” and “One by One”. 1 FullAlbum: “Life is a Mess”
– How is Brazilian punk scene now?
“There’s a lot of bands, there’s a lot of gigs but somehow people are not going to gigs as they used to do few years ago. The punk scene in Brazil is more politic, so bands like us don’t attract exactly just punks, is a kind of mix our shows. When we started the band we knew that, that’s why our goals is to hit people abroad.”
– What messenge wanna transmit to people?
Never give up!!! Friends and family are the best thing in your life. Have fun, enjoy music, don’t be a fascist, no one is better than no one. We are all the same….”
– Woul you like visit Mexico someday?
“Sure, actually we had an invite to play in Mexico this year. Probably will no happening this year, but next year can be a reality!”
– What’s for the future?
“We wanna release new singles this year, maybe an EP. Not sure yet, but a full album next year. We gonna drop a new vide clip soon as well. During these CORONA times, we can’t do plans as we have no sure about the next days. Thank you very much, Rafael”


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