Lollypop Lorry: “We always do just what we love”

6d025caba610530709e17dce9a377a5aFrom Russia with love hahahaha Lollypop Lorry talked about music, his Mexican fans and future plans. Enjoy it!

– How begins Lollypop Lorry in 2008?

“We started as every music band usually starts: we defined our musical orienteers, gathered together with friends and started to rehearse in garage. It was fun! But now there’re only 3 people remain from the original staff.”

– Was difficult for yours playing ska in Russia?

“It’s been always difficult. A tiny wave of popularity of ska had come to Russia 4-5 years before our formation, and when we started, it’s been already decreasing. And what’s more, nobody takes ska music seriously here and it’s rather an advantage for us.”


– Which are your music influences?

“All Jamaican classics from boogie and calypso to roots reggae of the 70th. But the main orienteer for us is of course The Skatalites, Prince Buster, Studio One, Treasure Isle Records, Byron Lee and many many more.”

– Talk me about his discography.

“Now our discography includes 2 LPs and 8 EPs, most of them are available on Spotify, GooglePlay, iTunes ect. If you still or your friends haven’t heard about us, it’s just a time to improve this situation! ;)”

– You did a cover of song My boy lollypop but in Spanish!, why you sang it in Spanish?

“In 2018 we became quite popular among Mexican listeners. We had this song in our archives, so it was decided to please our Spanish speaking fans. The song was translated into Spanish, we recorded vocal and now everybody knows it and sings along with us!”


– What do you wanna express with your music?

“Love for life, people, music and the whole world. But it’s actually a rather complicated question for a text interview.”

– Lollypop lorry isn’t only ska, i listen in your songs some bossanova or dub elements. ¿How not be a band of a one music genre?

“Actually there’s very few bossa nova and latin themes in our repertoire, but we have never restricted ourselves in music, though we love traditional ska, rocksteady and dub more. By the way, in a month we drop our new experimental dub album. It will be a classical dub of the 70th. We know, this music isn’t to everyone’s taste, but we always do just what we love, so we hope the world will appreciate our new release.”


-The last year the banda visited Mexico, how was that experience?

“It was fantastic! There could be millions of words said, but you’d better watch the video from Mexican tour on our YouTube channel.”

– Tell me about Russian ska scene.

“Well, it’s definitely not like in Mexico. We have only 5 bands in Russia, who play traditional ska on quite a good level. There’s also a ska-punk scene, we don’t know much about it, but it’s very little too.”


– Wich are Lollypop Lorry future plans?

“Besides the new dub album, that we’ve mentioned above, we plan a release of a new LP, consisting of traditional ska, reggae and rocksteady tunes without any experiments. We also prepare to record some backing vocals for the songs of our good friend Tenor Youthman, you could hear him singing on our previous album Ural Station.
We hope a pandemic will end soon, the world will continue to live happily and we’ll be able to get back to studio to cheer up our listeners and ourselves.”



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