Peter And The Test Tube Babies: “It is a privilege to have travelled the world with our music”

photo_band1981We’re proud did an interview with a British band from the 70’s, his song “Banned From The Pubs” it’s a punk classic, from UK to Mexico City’s blog La Última Rabia: Peter And The Test Tube Babies.

– Here i go… Your begins in 1978, only a few band of that times are active now. Is it a privilege playing today?

“Yes It is a privilege to have travelled the world with our music. When we started we thought it would be one single and then back to work. It just went from strength to strength. Album/gig/single/tour etc etc… We were too lazy to split up when things were went quiet so we just kept going and are grateful to still be active.”

– The song Banned From The Pubs is a real story? 

“Yes. In the late 70’s Early 80’s we we were all band from the pubs for various reasons.”


– In the 80’s your appear of Sound Magazine and John Peel Sessions, these things helped positive? 

“Luckily at our second ever gig there was a guy called Rick Blair there who had a record company in Brighton. He was putting a compilation album together with local Brighton new wave bands at the time. I think he just thought we were so hilariously bad that he offered us a track on album. So even though we’d only done two gigs, we’d already got a release sorted.

DJ John Peel heard and liked the track and gave us a Radio One session, then we released a single did the Sounds article and now here we are today forty-two years later.  Stuck with it. Ha Ha!”

-Two songs of you were tracks of the Oi! The Album, have you ever near of skinhead scene? 

“Not really part of that scene. Skinheads used to come to our gigs in the early days after the Oi! Album compilation but soon stopped attending when they realised we were a fun band and nothing to serious or political, plus Peter used to take the piss out of them.”


– You did a cover of a Gary Glitter song I’m the Leader of the Gang, glam rock was a influence for punk music? 

“We all share a love of 70’s glam rock. Check out the promo video for ‘The Queen of Fucking Everything” from the new album ‘Fuctifano’ It is a homage to Sweet, Slade and T Rex, combining all the colourful glittery pomp of glam with the darker edge of punk rock.”

– This year you release Fuctifano (i surprised when i listened it), talk me about this album. 

“Well we did ‘Fuctifano’ in the same studio as the last album ‘That Shallot’. The album was produced by Del Strangefish and Engineered by ex-Vibrator Pat Collier at Perry Vale Studios in London. The album took about three weeks but we did it a week at a time over a six-month period to give us enough time to reflect back and ponder the mixes. Came out rather well for the budget we had. 

‘Fuctifano’ is a phrase you may hear from a Scotsman whilst asking directions (‘F***ed If I Know’). Peter spotted it on a cup in a souvenir shop on Glasgow.”


– Have your a lot of fun when you are on tour? 

“Yes. But we don’t tour for such long times now as we are old. Nice to get home and put your feet up Ha!”

– I saw on Facebook photos of the band with Mexican wrestling masks, are you fans of that sport? 

“Not really. A friend of ours brought them home from his holiday in Mexico and gave them to us as presents.”


– Would you like visit Mexico someday? 

“Yes Pleeeeaaaase!”

– What’s for the future? 

Coronavirus Extinction.”

*The next question is little joke… I was reading Peter was English teacher and i ask Peter would you teach me English grammar because sometimes i don’t write well?

“Yes. Peter will teach you but we think your English is very good and we want to say hello to everyone in Mexico and we hope to play their soon.

Muchas gracias”



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