Vis Vires: “We’re trying to do our part”

31453729_558235937909486_2330934732142936064_nVis Vires is a oi! band from California, his members are musicians from various oi! music projects as The HardKnocks, Bovver Wonderland and The Templars. The Americans will visit for first time Mexico City in March 2019 and they answered this interview for La Última Rabia, ¡enjoy it!

– Vis Vires members also are members of other bands, why join for create another oi! project?

“As you know everyone in the band currently plays in active bands.. So Anthony and Lou had plans to experiment with a new band to bring in a new dose of Oi, Hardcore & Punk. We were looking for a bass player to get the music in motion and met with perry at a gig which we talked about jamming so after a about a week we got together for the first jam session and it went really well… Vis Vires was born. We then put the word out we were looking for a second guitar player and a singer. We had tried out a few guitar players which were all great but Willie was the best fit for it. After a couple of weeks of jamming out we decided to keep the band as a 4 piece which is Anthony: Vocals/Guitar, Willie: Guitar/Vocals, Perry: Bass/Vocals & Loucifer on drums.”


– Talk me about your EP The Wolves.

“The Wolves EP has 4 songs that will rip your face off! No watered down “pop-Oi!” here. We are all fans of Hardcore/Metal as well as Oi/Punk and this in this album you can definitely hear all of our influences musically.”

– The Wolves is avalible only on tape (and streaming), why back to the old music formats?

“We decided to do a cassette version as there’s apparently still a niche market for them. It sold out quickly so it looks like we had the right idea. It will be released on vinyl beginning of 2019 on Contra Records, The Firm Records, Common People Records & Battle Scarred Records.”


– The band is young but you’ve visited some countries. How is the reception outside USA?

“So far we’ve only been played Tijuana & Mexicali, Mexico.. we will play Mexico City in March 2019 for a Oi! Festival hosted by Unity Records and we have plans for Europe in August 2019 as well. So far things have been going great for us and we’ve been getting tons of support from people all over the world.”

– What’s your opinion about the political situation of USA?

“The political climate in the US is terrible at the moment. The politicians have the people divided. Every one arguing and being petty for their own agenda and forgetting to treat each other like human beings. It’s depressing. We could go on about this for hours so We’ll just leave it at that.”


– How is the California oi! scene today?
“It’s really small, especially compared to the overall punk scene, but we’re trying to do our part to change that and we have some new bands coming out as well as old bands doing reunion gigs here and there. We ain’t going anywhere.”

– Coming soon you will visit Mexico. How do you feel about it?

“We’re really excited about getting to play Mexico City. We recently played Tijuana and Mexicali and had a great time.. We’ve had a lot of support for many of our friends in Mexico and we are looking forward to sharing the stage again!”


– Do you know about the Mexican oi! scene?

“We are somewhat familiar… these days it’s impossible to keep up with all the bands as there’s so many. Anthony has toured Mexico filling in on guitar for Lion’s Law in 2017 which went really well.”

– What’s for the future?
“We have plans to stay busy with shows/Tours and We’re going to record a few EPs/Splits and a Full length in 2019. So keep an eye out!”



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