Hard Wax: “There is always nostalgia to look back”

40239109_608639059532226_2708727189439774720_nOn Facebook i discovered a English band named Hard Wax, this bovver rock/glam rock project have some oi! influences and his sound is very 70’s. In La Última Rabia did a interview with Tom, the man behind Hard Wax. ¡Enjoy it!.

– What’s the band story? 

!Hard Wax started as a studio project with a couple of tracks that didn’t fit with my other bands. I played drums, guitars and did the vocals and my mate Matt played bass. The 2 tracks got picked up and released by Rebellion Records and the feedback was amazing. I then decided to write an album that I recorded with Matt again on bass and also doing vocals. We then got Alex from Arch Rivals in to play drums for some live shows. We played one show but then I decided to take a break from all musical projects for a while. This year I wanted to get it going again so have written a new album which I have been recording playing everything myself, hopefully should be finished by the end of the year. I have also put together a new live line up and will looking to get out and gig again next year to promote the new album.” 


– Which are your influences? 

“I have massive range of influences which comes out in my different projects. In terms of Hard Wax bands like Cock Sparrer, Slade, Status Quo, The Business and the glam side of things with bands like Mud, Sweet and anything with a stomping chorus!” 

– Why doing a revendication about the bovver rock/glam rock? 

“I love taking the influence and sounds from the older bands and giving my own spin on it. I have definitely got more of the older feel on the new album with lots of organs. It’s also the tougher sound and look of bovver rock mixed with the fun side of glam that appeals to me.” 


– England have a great revival of 70’s skinhead glam rock, is so much the nostalgia for that era? 

“I think so, people love the sound, there is always nostalgia to look back at what’s been before. A lot of the older skinheads were around the first time so for them it’s a good retro feel. I have had lots of comments from the older skins about Hard Wax having the feel of the older bands.” 

– Which songs have now? Because your album is still recording. 

“I am just about to start mixing the new album with my trusty engineer / producer / tambourine man Doc who has been involved with all the Hard Wax recordings so far and definitely a crucial part of the band. I have 10 new tracks which I think have a slightly different sound to the first album whilst still sounding like Hard Wax! Big difference has been no Matt so I have been playing bass which has been a new challenge for me!” 


– Talk me about that album, which will his sound? 

“A real 70s feel, loads of sing along choruses, organs but also the oi! influence and some slightly more punk sounding tracks. There is even one with a bit of a Motorhead influence with dirty bass!” 

– You share stage with oi! bands, how is the experience? 

“We have only played the one show so far with my old band Arch Rivals, Grade 2 and The Crash Landings, all great bands but hoping to play with a few more next year!” 


– How the streaming music services helped you for broadcast Hard Wax music? 

“I think it’s been massive for a band like Hard Wax that is mainly a studio project. YouTube and streaming means we have people all over the world (like yourself) listening to the band and getting in touch. People also have the chance to listen to new bands without having to pay for albums first which in one way is a shame but in another opens the opportunities for new bands to get their music out.” 


– What’s for the future? 

“Looking forward to releasing the new album next year and getting playing again. I have missed it so looking forward to getting back on stage! Then we will see what happens from there.” 

– Would you like visit Mexico someday? 

“Mexico looks like a very interesting place so would love to visit!  

Thanks for the interview!”



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