Death of Guitar Pop: “We just try and capture that same fun energy of the original 2 Tone era”

18056905_1790385664610564_9199086171618707606_nDeath of Guitar Pop is a ska pop band from Essex, the members are Silky (voice) and Top Kat (guitar and voice). These British duo did this interview for La Última Rabia and i hope enjoy it.

– What’s the band story?

(Silky) “We are a 2 Tone Tone Inspired Ska Pop Band from Essex UK, 2 quintessentially British blokes (me and Top Kat) who came together to write some quintessentially British music, paying homage to our influences.”

– Is very curious and funny the name of the band. Why Death of Guitar Pop?

“Our previous Indie band’s had failed so it’s us taking the piss out of ourselves for that but it’s also a little nod to the lack of good guitar bands in current mainstream pop culture compared to when we were growing up in the 90’s”


– Which are your influences?

“The likes of Madness, The Specials, Ian Dury, Chas & Dave, Blur and many more!”

– The Death of Guitar Pop’s songs are danceables and have good vibes. What you tell me about it?

“We just try and capture that same fun energy we’ve seen in the live footage of the original 2 Tone era. It looked like a great time to either in a band or skanking in the crowd. I bought the bootleg DVD of Dance Craze a few years ago and I was instantly hooked.So I would say many of our song’s are written with fantasises of those kind of crowd reactions in mind, that’s probably where that danceable energy comes from”


– I love the song Suburban Ska Club (i can’t leave hear it, i swear). How was the colaboration with Neville Staple?

“Haha thanks! That’s probably the liveliest one at the gigs! Collaborating  with Neville was an honour, he was a true professional & gentlemen. It’s great that someone of his legendary status within such a popular worldwide scene is still in touch with the grass roots level of it all. We performed an impromptu stripped back version at Skamouth Festival with him last year and it was great fun, Top Kat & Neville shared a mic, it was great fun and again, a huge honour”

– Are you identificated with the skinhead subculture?

“I would definitely say that both the skinhead and mod subcultures are where the foundations of our fanbase lye. It’s amazing to play our small part within these subcultures, I hope we can fly the flag for a new generation!”


– Talk me about your new single Ska Is The Bollocks.

“It’s the bollocks! It’s a concept song and video about us going from everyday working lads to becoming huge rock n roll stars and then having a Tony Montana style meltdown due to the new found pressures of fame, told in the vocal style of Chas & Dave set against a Bluebeat ska style back beat”

– You’re of the fourth ska wave. Wich characteristics have that wave?

“I think the reason we’ve attached ourselves to the term ‘4th Wave Ska’ is because of the time we are in, the last wave which was pioneered in America was a long time ago now so it’s a new time & a new wave,  I think 4th Wave Ska can take influence from any of the previous 3 waves, it’s more about the time we are in now (the time that’s passed since the 3rd wave) as to why it’s a new wave”


– The new English generations are insterested on ska?

“Yes definitely, I would recommend checking out Chainska Brassika, The Kubricks, The Dualers, Skatuesques, Dakka Skanks, Buster Shuffle, King Hammond… The list goes on! All bringing ska to a new generation of fans in England and of course entertaining the original fans too”

– In Mexico the English ska bands are very populars here and we have ska festivals. Would you like visit my country someday?

“Fuck yeah!! We love you Mexico”


– Which are the Death of Guitar Pop future plans?

“A new album is coming in the early part of 2019! The vinyl, CD, stream & download will be exclusively available through an online fan club that we’ll be launching upon release, We will also be touring continuously & constantly be in touch with our fans online. Thanks for the support everyone.”




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