Heavyball: “We try a lot of new music out in our live shows”

11822555_874069589349075_8852001212314165201_nPhotos Courtesy of Heavyball and Facebook fan page of the band

*I have been writing things about ska on this blog but this time i did a complete post of this music genre.
Heavyball is young ska project from England, his sound is fresh and elegant and if you still don’t listen them… ¡Do it right now!

– What’s the story band?  

“We started out because we were two brothers and a best friend who had always wanted to play in a band together. It wasn’t until a few years ago when we’d all moved to London that we happened to be living in the same town for the first time since we were kids. A few years later we got Frosty in the band to fill out the sound and, well, ¡here we are!” 

Heavyball Rescan_001-Edit copy_preview

– How describes the Heavyball’s music?  

“We call it new tone, which is a modern take on ska music. It has a lot of ska influence but also indie, country, rock and a whole load of other stuff. It’s good to have a clear sound but we’re open to all influences.” 

– Why the band self titled new tone?  

“We use new tone to describe our music because we’re heavily influenced by the original two tone scene that came up from England in the early 1980s. 

We’ve been lucky enough to play with some of those great two tone bands like the Beat and The Selector so we’ve learnt a lot from their songwriting and live performances. That said, we have a different sound to them which is probably more indie influenced, which is why we call it new tone.” 

Heavyball 002_qEXPORT_preview

– Your songs got a mix of fresh sound and danceable music. How you do it?  

“That’s very kind of you, hopefully we’ll get to play live for you sometime in the future, We try a lot of new music out in our live shows, it helps to see how the audience reacts to tracks before we go into the studio. In terms of writing everyone in the band likes different music and bring something different so you end of up with influences from country, ska, indie and the like.” 

– Which albums have you recorded?  

“We’ve recorded two Heavyball albums… Black Eye Diaries, which was released in 2015 and then When Can You Start? which we brought out at the end of last year.  

Black Eye Diaries is really a series of singles and b sides that was recorded over a couple of years. The good thing about When Can You Start? is that we were able to write and record it as a single piece of work with a theme running through it. It tells the story of the week in the life of an every day office worker.” 

Heavyball Rescan_002-Edit copy_preview

– The band are from Nottingham. Why you moved to London?  

“Three out of the four of us are from Nottingham. We haven’t lived in Nottingham for many years, but the city means a lot to us and it has had a big influence on our music. Although we were often thinking of Nottingham when we wrote the songs on When Can You Start? it’s great when someone says a song really connects to them, even if they’re from Germany, France or Mexico.” 

– Heavyball shared tour with Kaiser Chiefs. How was that experience?  

“It was fantastic, a different city every night, huge venues, free beer, free food and great crowds. Plus, ¡we got to see the Kaiser Chiefs play every night! We’ve been lucky enough to play with a number of great bands. As well as being a lot of fun, it’s a great way to learn both about song writing and live performances.” 

Heavyball Acros 35_001032_EXPORT_preview

– How is the london ska scene today?  

“Actually it’s really good. We recently played the London International Ska Festival and got to watch some top bands like The Kubricks and Bombskare. There are some decent ska festivals each year and some good venues committed to putting on ska- linked acts. We have really benefited from the network of ska and mod linked bands working across Europe. That has helped us to reach audiences on in France, Holland, Germany and Austria. ¡Any Heavyball gigs in Mexico would be very welcome!” 

– In the 70’s and 80’s borned greatest londoners ska projects. In the latest years exist a revival?  

“¡Who knows?! It’s a sound that will never go away. It’s a form of music that gives you melodies, stories and something to dance to! It’s always bubbling under the surface and who knows when it will erupt again. ¡Long Live Ska!  


– Would you like visit Mexico someday?  

“¡We would love to! We’ve heard it’s amazing and we love Mexican ska bands. If any one out there wants to put on a Heavyball show, ¡we’ll be on the next plane!” 



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