Interview with Wattie Buchan: “To be honest, if it wasn’t for The Exploited punk would not still be here”

In 2016 i did this interview via Facebook with Wattie Buchan from The Exploited, that interview was published in Spanish for the Mexican web page El Alebrije. Link:

Here’s the english and original version, ¡enjoy it!.

-The band are play since 1980, 36 years of punk… Has been easy for The Exploited?

“It was very hard in the beginning as to be a punk back in the eighties when I was the first person to have a Mohawk back then and every one wanted to fight you because we looked different plus our music was aggressive and to violent and there was always trouble at our gigs,plus the press either ignored us or slagged us off as we didnt fit in with what was hip at the time so it was very hard but we believed in what we do so that is all that mattered to me.“


-In the last years Wattie had a healthy problems. Are you OK for continue make shows around the world?

“The last few years my health has been really bad with 2 heart attacks ,a quad heart by pass, 2 hernia operations  and still not quite right but am still alive so I am not complaining.“

-What is The Exploited importance and influence to punk music?

“To be honest, if it wasn’t for The Exploited punk would not still be here we kept it going when every one said it was dead not just us but bands like discharge ,uksubs,gbh we put up with all the shit from people because punk to me is a way of life it is more than just music and a lot of bands say they were influenced by the exploited and that means a lot to me as it means I have done something good that people also believe in…“


– In 1993 the band visited Mexico City and these show was a total chaos. Do you remember that show? How lived that experience?

“Yes, I remember this show as we got attacked twice on stage and I think 2 people got killed at the gig I was really disapointed as we were looking forward to coming to mexico to play and it was just chaos and I still dont know why this happened and I felt sorry for all the punks that we had to stop but there was a gang of  people just attacking people for no reason as far as I could see.“

– Years after The Exploited back to Mexico but only Tijuana with better experience (with quiet shows).

“I remember the show is Tijuana also it was a bit of chaos as well as the power kept cutting out but it was a crazy gig there was a lot of problems at the gig but thats punk rock!”


– One time Jorge Herrera (The Casualties frontman) said me “In The Clash ’77 hated because they became famous and small bands had to yell at someone. In ’82 they sought another band, The Exploited found there to hate The Exploited. Then later they came Rancid and The Casualties, then you have to hate them.“ Meaning every decade the punk ever have hated one band in special. Whats is your opinion about it?

“Yeah, when punk band start off they have a good local following butt when you get bigger people just want to put you down its weird but that is the way some people think but I just laugh at these people as the only opinion   that matters is mine you will all ways get haters but they mean fuck all to me. “


– Many punks says “The Exploited is a nazi punk band “. This argument is complete false, The band have proofs for fends (the friendship with the UK Sub Charlie Harper and other things). Do you have any idea about the born of this awful accusation?

“The exploited have NEVER been a nazi punk band and to say so makes the people that say this very fucking STUPID!!! I have had more fights with nazi skins than anyone I know  ,we have fought against nazis mostly skinheads for fucking years ! There was two pictures with some skinheads who were standing behind us sieg heiling at a party and we dont have eyes in the back of my head so we never knew what was going on ,also i have had my picture taken with THOUSANDS of people and i got a picture taken with a guy who was in a band called Skrewdriver, but I never knew who the fuck he was it was just another picture. We done a gig with Ice T and body count and we had a picture with Ice T which says fuck fasciam and people tried to say ice t wouldnt do a show with yous and that must be photo shopped hahaha  some people are so fucking stupid ,we have played in isreal ,south africa,mexico,brazil columbia do you really think if the exploited had any thing to do with nazis that we could go and play these counties? NO. People such as  keyboard warriers just make up shit and some people believe in their lies but the hundred of thousands of people know we are NOT!“


-The Exploited’s lyrics are very different of another bands of 1980, your lyrics remember me about the first wave. The band shouted “I believe in anarchy“ (in these years only anarcho-punk bands like Crass spoken about anarchy). The band had spirit of the ’77, which was the reason for write these lyrics?

“For me punk has always been about injustice and is an angry music and the exploited have always been very political  as I hate all goverments and I hate beeing told what to do.“


-The last question…  In the 80’s The Exploited played in Top of The Pops, why do you accepted appear on this tv program?

“When we got asked to do top of the pops we used to say we never see punk bands on tv but we also knew if we did it people would get to see something which they hated and at the same time some of the punks that followed us didnt like the fact that we done it ,anyway we di it and the bbc which put the show on got hundred of complaints about that disgusting punk band on ther tvs which i think made it worth while HAHAHAHA.

Thanks for your questions and I hope they help people understand the TRUTH about The Exploited. Cheers! Wattie…“

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