Interview: ¡Here’s The Toy Dolls!

The Toy Dolls is one of the most funnest punk bands, i sent them a few questions and Olga answered my interview.

-Why The band do funny punk?

“We don’t actually call it funny Punk, we are very serious about life, we just believe in an element of escapism in life is healthy for you, we look at the brighter side of subjects.”

-Hard is don’t lose the good humor in many years?

“If we do lose the humour, then The Toy Dolls will finish, for now, ¡no problem!”


-Which are the inspirations for write songs?

“Everyday life, girlfriends, gossip, TV shows, anything.”

-You and The Adicts are from Sunderland, both bands with funny punk. Does have something that city for be seedbed of punk bands like The Toy Dolls and The Adicts?

“Mmm, not sure, good question, ¡I will ask the Adicts!”

-I see your outfit and i think the members are a characters. Really you’re like characters on the stage?

“¡Not really! We change into those characters when we put the outfits on, ¡like Spiderman!”


-Before The Toy Dolls, Olga recorded the song “She goes to finos” with other band. Tell me abot this story.

“¡I actually wrote ‘She goes to Finos’ before starting The Toy Dolls! ¡We recorded it at that point with The Showbiz Kids, about 1978 I think!”

-It’s strange but the band in his beggins was considered Oi! And the journalist Garry Bushell supported you. Talk me about this interesting fact.

“Gary Bushell was really big help to be honest, he asked us to be on the Strength thru oi album, though we are not really an Oi band, we had no proper record deal at the time, this gave more people the chance to hear us.”

-It’s very important for you got communication with your fans? I ask it beacause i watch on your web page a zone for questions from the fans to Olga.

“I think so, we are not on TV and in the public eye so much, and I think this kind of interaction with the fans is very important, and priceless, even if we were mainstream I think communication with the fans is still very important.”


-In Mexico The Toy Dolls have many fans. Would you like visit the country someday?

“I really hope so, fingers crossed it will happen.”

-Can we wait The Toy Dolls album coming soon?

“I am half way through writing it, ¡hopefully recorded later this year! ¡I will keep everyone updated on Facebook etc! “


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